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Vegeta SSJ4: The Ultimate Super Saiya Jin
The extremely popular Dragon Ball series was created in 1984. The manga was published weekly in a comics magazine before it became an anime series by Toei. One of the most memorable characters to appear in Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is the Saiyan prince Vegeta.

vegeta ssj4

vegeta ssj4

The character was introduced in the manga in 1988, whereas in the anime, he made his first appearance in the sixth episode of DBZ. He acted as the antagonist to the series’ protagonist, Son Goku. His primary purpose was to acquire the seven Dragon Balls, gain immortality and rule the galaxy.

Vegeta, alongside Son Goku, developed different forms of the Saiyan ultra-warrior as the series unfolded. The first of these was termed Super Saiyan. Initially considered a Saiyan legend, Super Saiya Jin (SSJ) saw dark-haired Saiyans acquiring greater strength and a golden aura. Physically, SSJ have blond hair and green irises. Faithful fans would soon find this development would not be the last, as Vegeta would transform into Vegeta SSJ4, or the fourth stage of being SSJ.

Prior to this development, Vegeta struggled to defeat his longtime adversary Son Goku. Despite Goku being a “commoner” where Saiyan heritage was concerned, the cunning Vegeta was always a step behind the main character when it came to strength, powering up and winning battles.

The Super Saiya Jin at its second grade and second stage were physically similar to one another. Strength increased correspondingly with size, the blond hair would grow ever longer and spikier and behavior became more aggressive. The aura present in the first stage became more electric. Before he developed the Stage 2 form and prior to evolving into VegetaSSJ4, Vegeta termed his second-grade Super Saiyan self “Super Vegeta”.

Vegeta SSJ4 part 2

Vegeta SSJ4 is an advanced stronger form of Vegeta

Vegeta does not feature in the manga or anime in the Super Saiya Jin 3 form. Rather, the character only appears in a game.

Vegeta SSJ4 appeared in Dragon Ball GT, but not without help. The Blutz Wave Generator invented by Bulma first changes him into a gigantic golden gorilla. After regaining conscious control over the form, VegetaSSJ4 appears, coated in red fur save for his chest and possessing long, dark-brown hair that looks like a Mohawk-mullet hybrid. Red highlights are also present at the corner of VegetaSSJ4′s now blue eyes.

Vegeta’s initial appearance as a villain and subsequent transformation into a family man/anti-hero is just one of the aspects that make the series such a compelling experience.

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