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Learn more about goku. and his role in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Game DBO MMORPG

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I decided to post a list of the coolest Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers for you to enjoy.  And I give a congratulation to the creators of these awesome wallpapers!

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Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper Winner! First Place


I liked this one alot because I think it shows the overall theme and plot of the series by showing Goku and Vegeta next to each other.  Goku is the hero of the story who cares about others and wants to be helpful Vegeta the Prince of the Evil Saiyans is out only for himself and hurts others to his own advantage.

Second Place Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper


This wallpaper is depicting the transformation of Son Goku from his childhood up to his final confrontation with Cell, pretty cool looking!

Third Place Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers!


Out of desperation Goku had to learn several skills in order to save planet earth from the Saiyans, years of training and study payed off.

Fourth Place Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper!


Goku had to go through many forms during his adventures this shows his transformations in a pretty cool looking wallpaper collage of Goku Pretty neat effects and use of glowing elements.

Fifth Place Dragonball Z Wallpaper


The Saiyans a warlike race lost their planet to a comet, this spurred an intense string of events which led to earths near destruction, several times over.

6th Place Dragonball Z Wallpaper

gogeta super saiyan 4

This is Gogeta in his super saiyan form, pretty cool looking effects!


I hope you all liked these incredible Dragonball Z Wallpapers, even people who’ve never seen the show love the Dragonball Z manga style of Artwork, it’s a defining genre and franchise for the art.  Dragonball Z Artwork is also a great style to learn how to draw because it’s easier with incredible results so it is great for a beginner to practice and learn new techniques and great art styles.  If you want to use some of these excellent Dragonball Z Wallpapers for reference in your artwork endeavors go right ahead, Dragonball Z can be a great way to get started into art and learning how to create some cool looking effects and excellent graphics!




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