Gohan – The First Half-Breed Saiyan

Gohan - SSJ2

Gohan SSJ2

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In the popular Japanese manga series Dragonball Z, many characters have caught the attention of the large fan following. Although these fans enjoy the liking of popular names including Goku and Chi-Chi, it is the first Saiyan/human hybrid Gohan who has the highest fan fare. The half-breed Saiyan has an awkward personality and unique values as he is not quite like the others. As a child, Gohan lacked the spirit and ambition to fight and remained a shy and studious character throughout his teenage years. As Dragonball Z has adapted and matured, so has the character of Gohan. Throughout many episodes of transformation, Gohan has developed from the shy timid creature he was, to a powerful fighter that is unleashed in the Cell saga.

Gohan Shooting Energy

Gohan Shooting Energy

Son Gohan or Gohan as referred to in the United States, possesses unusual abilities and powers because of his mixed heritage. Being only half Saiyan, he is referred to as a Nappa or more fittingly a Super Saiyan. With his mixed blood, Gohan has the uncanny ability to freely manipulate his chi giving him the ability to fly and concentrate into high-powered energy blasts and beams. Combine these abilities with his enhanced speed, and superhuman strength and he is a force to be reckoned with ascending to Super Saiyan 2 level with characters assisting him in unlocking his true potential throughout the series.



While Gohan has incredible fighting skills, since birth he has never truly enjoyed the sport of fighting. While his powers surpass that of a full-blooded Saiyan, his motivation and desire to fight is not inherent. Later in life, Gohan will show a special interest in fighting strictly to protect his friends and family, showing he has a pure heart with an undeniable love for those who are close to him. After being mentored by his surrogate father Piccolo, their turbulent relationship turns from one of despair after the death of Goku, to one of love and admiration. After Piccolo sacrifices himself to save the life of Gohan, Gohan is forced to unleash his fire and Great Ape powers and proves overall victorious.

Gohan Angry

Throughout the sagas of Dragonball Z several versions of Gohan have been introduced. From the shy and growing child Gohan, to Ultimate Gohan introduced during the Fushion Saga, he seems to transform throughout the series. With a heart of gold and superior fighting skills, Gohan has become one of the most popular characters in the Dragonball Z manga series.

Gohan Super Saiyan Bloddy Attack

Check out Gohan in action:





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