Dragon Ball Online – First Dragon Ball Z Based MMORPG

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 @ 8:08 pm | Dragon Ball Z Games
Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online is the first MMO (Massively Multiplayer Game) set in the Dragon Ball Z universe, made to meet the growing clamor and demand for such a title the game was received with much anticipation and excitement.

Dragon Ball Online – Storyline

The games storyline takes place on earth and is set 216 years after events in the Dragon Ball Manga series (written by Akira Toriyama). And is in fact a sequel to the Manga series, Toriyama has full creative control over the game.

The main villians of the game are a group known as “The Dark Eye” a group of time meddlers bent on changing history to your advantage, in order to combat their sinister desires you must use Time Petrol Trunks to go back in time and successfully thwart there plans.

Dragon Ball Online Races

There are currently three races in Dragon Ball Online, The Humans, Namekians, and the Majin.




The humans are a versatile race, loosely classified as the jack of all trades they are able to become one of three classes Martial Artists, Spiritualists, and Engineers.

After Achieving level 30 Humans can branch into various specialties.

From Martial Artists they can become Sword Masters or Polearm Master.

From Spiritualists they can become Crane Hermits or Turtle Hermits.

From Engineers they can become Gun Maniacs or Mech Maniacs.




Namekias such as Piccolo make up the more mystical and magical classes in the game from Supporter class from the Dragon Clan (Healers) to the Warriors (Comparable to Mages?) and can evolve into Poko Priest and Denden Priest or Dark Warrior and Shadow Night respectively.




Majin’s like Buu branch into Wonder Majins and Mighty Majins.

Wonder Majins rely mainly on spiritual attacks (like the spirit bomb) and other ranged attacks, Level 30 classes involve Plasma Majin and Karma Majin.

Mighty Majins are a tank class that has tough armor and rely on close combat for success eventually can become Grand Chef Majin and Ultimate Majin

Level 50 Shenron Wish

If a character reaches level 50 and have collected all 7 Dragon Balls they can make a “Wish” from Shenron the dragon.  Humans will become Super Siyan, Nameks will becom Great Nameks, and Majins will become Kid Buu.

You can learn more about Dragon Ball Online and even Download the Dragon Ball Game Client from DBMMO.com

Dragon Ball Online Videos and Trailers

Trailer 1


Trailer 2


Dragon Ball Online Cinematic Opening


Gameplay Video


Dragon Ball Online Screenshots

Dragon Ball Online Screenshot 2

Battle Scene Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online Screenshot 1
Goku Attacking Screenshot
Dragon Ball Online Screenshot 4

Dragon Ball Online Scene




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