Dragonball Z Kart

Monday, September 7th, 2009 @ 2:51 pm | Dragon Ball Z Games

Lol, this game is awesome! The controls are slick and inviting, and it is similar to Mario Kart, you can collect question marked items which you can use against your opponents. You can also shoot an energy beam to slow those in front of you down so you are always on your toes in this game.

Instructions:Arrow Keys=move, Space=Shoot Energy Beam, Enter=Use Picked up item.

We really liked the graphics, especially the background graphics. The idea is very unique and clever it’s basically Dragon Ball Z as a Mario Kart game, it is really good. The game has some excellent features such as picking up Items by jumping into them like a Platform Mario game (very unique idea). We really liked the energy beam idea because someone way in the back of the pack could completely jump forward so the game always stays interesting and fresh.

There is 9 different levels to collect all of the Dragon Balls so give it your best shot! Awesome Gameplay and features. We hope that you enjoy it, we’re sure that you will.

If you like this one let us know at admin at dragonballzgamesonline.net because we are looking for ideas for a new Flash Dragon Ball Z Game to program and want to know what kind would be the best one. Your ideas are very much appreciated so be sure to let us know, that would be awesome!

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